Are you a hotel or resort in San Diego looking to change your swimming pool or spa vendor?  P & P Pools specializes in service for hotels, resorts in both swimming pools, spas, fountain and any other water features.  We have over 35 years of combined knowledge in the commercial business.  Our team of pool techs and repairmen are equipment to handle any situation you have.  The health department is always lurking so it’s important to have a company you can rely on to keep up to code!  

This is now the time of year to get your pool dialed in for the upcoming swim season and summer months.  If you have repair issues or need any pool or spa equipment upgrades we are the company to call!  You can visit our website at and fill out the contact page or give us a call at (859) 229-8535 and set up a free estimate.  

P & P Pools also services all other types of commercial and residential accounts as well.

Apartment pool service

HOA pool service

Residential pool service

Health club fitness club pool service

Fountain service

Hotel pool vendor

Resort pool service 

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