Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a salt swimming pool?  Salt pools have been around a long time and have gained a lot of notoriety over the past decade.  There are many advantages to having a salt pool.  First, who never have to add liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets to your pool again.  Meaning the only hazardous chemical you’ll need to have around is acid.  All you have to do is add salt directly to your existing pool water (no draining your old water), hook up a salt chlorine system to your pool equipment and away you go.  The salt water passes through the cell and runs over precious metal.  An electrode is added and chlorine gas is produced and returned to the pool.  The common misconception is that a salt pool has no chlorine in it.  That is false.  Salt pools do actually have a chlorine residual from the chlorine gas that is produced in the cell.  This form of chlorine does not bleach bathing suits or turn hair green.  If this is something you are interested in, please click here to fill out a form for P & P Pools to contact you for an estimate in the San Diego area.  P & P Pools can also do any other upgrades you might be interested in as well as offering weekly pool or spa service.  We have very competitive pricing and would love to give you an estimate today.  Please visit our website to see a list of services and service areas today.

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